Beginner Yoga Free Trial

Beginners Yoga Course

Want to try yoga? Our next 6 week beginner yoga course starts 17 June 2017.  Book now – slots are filling up fast!

Bali Yoga Retreat

The 10th Annual Bali Spirit Festival 2017 was a fantastic Success.  Thank You Meghan you are a miracle worker.  Stay tuned for our next retreat in Oct/Nov 2017

Mindful Living Program

Mindfulness training will help you to recognise stress symptoms in your body, increase your awareness of ‘triggers’, stress-creating thoughts & their affects.

Chai Saturdays

Every Saturday straight after the 8am Yoga class

Welcome to Home of Yoga

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Sam runs an ongoing Mentorship Yoga Teacher Training Program, he is the Senior Teacher at “The Home of Yoga”.  Sam also holds periodic workshops on Meditation and Breath-Work as well as his continuing studies and development of Transformational Alignment Based Yoga and its benefits.  He also studies the history and meaning of all that is Yoga and weaves relevant bits into his classes.  He has been teaching for 40+ years and practicing for over 45 years.  He studied in India with B.K.S. Iyengar and in U.S.A. with Swami Pujari Ed Keays and holds degrees in Education, Sports Ed. and Family Counseling amongst his studies. 

Sydel runs regular Mindful Living Programs and Mental Health First Aid Courses.  She has been studying Yoga and Meditation for over 40 years in India, USA  and Australia.  She holds a degree in Medical Sociology.

A space of acceptance and kindness to support you in your yoga journey. Our yoga journey began in the 1970’s searching the yoga ashrams of India.  Today our school is a place to practice yoga in traditional styles with heart and community.  Our philosophy strongly supports “Unconditional Acceptance” and “Love of Yourself and Others”. On a practical level this means we encourage you to only go to your edge in all the Poses – breathe through any stiffness or tightness, watch and witness the feelings that come.  We believe in our students and we work at providing a space to practice that is safe and welcoming to everyone and all body types. Big,Small,Skinny,Large. This includes all types of people whether they are Anglo,Asian,African,Indigenous Australian, Native American, Indian,Chinese, Muslim,Jewish,Christian,Pagan,Hindu,Buddhist,Men,Women,and of course LGBTQIA. Unconditional Acceptance and Love for everyone.  We love to make Yoga fun and use it as a building block for a peaceful Community.

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