Mental Health First Aid Training

Mental Health First Aid is an essential education for workplaces, schools, organizations and families. It is as essential as general first aid, only you will use it more often.

Learn how to provide support for someone experiencing a mental health problem, how to recognise the symptoms of mental illness and what to do if confronted with a crisis situation.

The Mental Health First Aid training covers all areas of mental illness including depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance use disorders. The youth training also covers eating disorders and non-suicidal self injury.

A recent 'Yoga in Australia' survey at RMIT summarized: “Of the one in five respondents who reported using yoga to treat a specific health concern or medical condition, more people used yoga to treat mental health issues like stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, than used yoga for musculoskeletal problems…a sign of the time perhaps”

This is why we recommend Mental Health First Aid as a vital training for yoga teachers. We also recommend parents train in Mental Health First Aid because of the modern stresses on family life and because mental illness is the leading cause of disability in our youth.

Sydel Weinstein – Master Instructor

Our instructor Sydel Weinstein is a master instructor with extensive experience. Sydel will travel out to your workplace, school or organization. She also holds regular trainings at our centre in Mosman Park.

More About the Training...

Mental Health First Aid is a twelve hour training that is run through the University of Melbourne. It comes with an extensive course manual and recognized certificate that is a great addition to your resume.

Just like general first aid, Mental Health First Aid includes an action plan that will give you more confidence if you are involved in a mental health crisis. The information included in the course can also be used to help you spot the early signs of mental illness as they develop.

Mental Health First Aid training is a very practical training. You will be taken through actual scenarios so you know what to do if a workmate, friend or family member were to; e.g. have a panic attack, express suicidal thoughts or develop the early symptoms of psychosis.

With 1 in 5 Australians in any one year experiencing a Mental Health disorder can you afford not to train? The National Select Committee on Mental Health (April 2006) recommended that 6% of the Australian population be trained and accredited in Mental Health First Aid, especially those with the “greatest probability of coming into contact with mental health issues-teachers, police, welfare workers and family carers”.

More and more workplaces, councils, government departments, NGOs and educational trainings now include Mental Health First Aid for both Adult and Youth in their professional development and training.
Promote mental health awareness in your community and organise a group booking with Sydel or join in our next training at the Home of Yoga.

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