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SoundFlow: Restorative Yoga / Sound Healing with Nicole Lloyd 2nd February 2018

We are really excited to have Nicole Lloyd of SoundBirth returning to the Home of Yoga and sharing her Sound Journey experience with us.

You will be guided by the sounds of crystal Singing Bowls and other healing sounds into a deeply transformative state bringing balance and harmony to your body-being and we all need some more of this in our lives.

Our SoundFlow Session commences at 7pm and will follow our weekly Restorative Yoga Class that runs every Friday at 5.30pm.

Our Restorative Yoga classes are an excellent way to slow down from your work week letting go of stresses and tiredness so you feel rested and renewed.

Read in Nicoles own words:

“The random sounds we hear (noise) in our day to day lives adds to our stress levels, but these beautiful sounds have been created to entrain your brain into a very relaxed state very quickly! They actually give your body a “tune-up” leaving you feeling alig
ned, balanced and clear. This is the kind of “Sound Nutrition” we need more of in our lives!

Using ALL of my crystal singing bowls, gongs, flutes and more I take people on a journey into themselves as they are deeply relaxed by the sounds that surround them.

Sound is the most EFFICIENT way to RELAX! It is quick. You don’t have to do anything except lie there. And it feels SO nurturing!

Some people feel the sound tingling parts of their body. Some people feel super energised afterwards!. Some people feel like they could sleep for a week they are so relaxed. Some people feel clearer about a decision they need to make. It is a very personal experience and different for everyone.”