Product Description

Tapestry: A Mindful Welcoming of the New

An opportunity for connection, community, nurturing, spaciousness and silence.

Facilitated by Sydel Weinstein. 10am-1pm Sunday January 7th
$85 (concession $65)

Our Tapestry workshop Is a playful exploration of the many threads in our lives. We play with our relationship to the present moment. Our relationship to our body, our breath, the earth beneath us, the threads that connect us and the spaces between.

Practicing mindful awareness deepens our appreciation of the interconnection of all things. Together we play with consciously weaving the qualities of mindful awareness into present moment experience using our senses, visualization, and awareness of breath.

Collectively we create sacred space to weave and reweave the experience of our lives, set intentions, create hope and meaning for the path forward into the new year.

We create the space to listen to our hearts and set our inner compass towards love and peace.

Practices will include guided mindful journeying with body awareness and visualisation, mindful movement ( yoga & dancing) heart awareness and breath work with spaces of sharing and silence.

Your facilitator Sydel Weinstein has extensive experience in mindfulness training having run the Mindful Living Program at the Home of Yoga for over 12 years and teaching Mindful Yoga for twently years. Sydel starting teaching meditation classes when the Home of Yoga began about 30 years ago. As well Sydel is an experienced trauma focused body therapist and mental health educator. Sydel completed a MBSR training with Jon Kabat-Zinn in 2009 has presented Mindfulness & Mindful Yoga at the BaliSpirit Festival for the last 3 years.